Front Signals Not Flashing

Question for Fix My Hog 1999 Fatboy after getting my bike back from some other work done by mechanic my front signals are lit up but don’t flash, rear does. Question is what is the cause or remedy to this issue?

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Fix My Hog Answers It is important to remember that your front signals are also running lights. They use an 1157 bulb. One filament of the bulb should always be illuminated. Start by determining what functions are or are not actually functional. Use your test light or multi-meter and test the front signal sockets. You may also need to move on and test your turn signal module and related wiring, including signal wiring going to & from the turn signal switches.

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12 Responses to “Front Signals Not Flashing”
  1. JACK

    I have a 85 low rider FSXB belt. My signals function but only if I hold the button down. once I let up they turn off. Help!!

    • Kendra Shattuck
      Kendra Shattuck

      I have a 2011 Dyna (FXDC) with the same issue. Front left turn signal does not work. I have replaced the turn signal module and the bulb. Finally traced the wires and discovered that the blinker wire (violet in this case) has a problem but I haven’t found where the problem is. I am going to replace the socket and see if that’s the issue. All the wiring otherwise appears to be in good shape. I would suggest that you take a test light and do some troubleshooting.

    • Ricky

      I have a 1982 FLHC & my signals operate the same as you describe on your low rider. On my 82 that was the proper setup at the time. Not sure what year H-D made the change

  2. Silance Steady
    Silance Steady

    1990 Softail Classic, right turn signal started to flash slow and then slower and now has stopped flashing. It is a steady light now. Any ideas?

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  3. Terry Allen
    Terry Allen

    I have a 2006 Deuce I bought last year it didn’t have front turn signals they come factory installed on the handle bars I got a set of relocated LED signals when I wired them up only the running lights so I took the wire off for the runners and now the signals work they won’t work together though?

  4. Terry

    hi Dennis I’m kinda having the same issue with my 2006 FXSTDI Deuce the signals work but the running lights don’t come on