Frozen Spark Plug

Question for Fix My Hog I have a frozen spark plug on my RK and would like to know how you as a pro would approach it without taking the head off and re-threading. Do you think the Timesert tools and insert would be the best way to save the head. Thanks in advance.

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Fix My Hog Answers If your spark plug threads are cross threaded or stripped, you have to pull the head. There is no acceptable way to correctly attempt this repair with the head bolted on the motor. A machinist can install a new steel insert.

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2 Responses to “Frozen Spark Plug”
  1. James

    If the plug is still in the head I would hit it penetrating oil for several day. (keeping the plug wet) Then try loosing the plug, if it moves a little rock it back and forth, (don’t push it) use more oil and replete. If that dose not work then use a little heat then try to loosen it. If your making progress keep at it. When you reached the point where you can’t do any more, I would take the bike to a local machine shop and see what they can do.

  2. Shawn frazier
    Shawn frazier

    Hummm not true fore engines used to pop out spark plugs and get stuck their is a kit out their from tools and equipment in Atlanta there are two kits one for removal of stuck spark plugs and one for cutting threads in head while still on engine just heavy grease is need to keep cutting material from getting in chambers all instructions is includes I done several types of engines of ford heads and other cars has too same kit just change plug inserts to spark plugs installed for that car ;^) made plenty of cash never had one come back ever matter of fact they came when more plugs did same threads worn out or plug pop throught hood lol it was a ford manufacturer mistakes not enought metal in aluminum head or inverts ingredients hummmm but works fine totally just take your time and do a little at a time you of course have to adj the shims inverts to your head heights and cut to size so tool done go too deep and cut through valves harder seats for valves seats ;^)) I cut several tubes cut to size for a number of different cars heads etc ;^))))