Gas Smell and Engine Light

Question for Fix My Hog My bike runs great but every so often the engine light go’s on and I get a very strong gas smell. It also seems to run on one cylinder. After a few seconds the light goes off and every thing is fine. Lately the light will not go off and will continue to run on one cylinder and have a strong gas smell until I shut the bike down and restart it. Then its fine again. I checked for code’s but they say it’s all clear except for what appears to read CaL 03 on my speedo. Have any info?

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Fix My Hog Answers Check condition of spark plugs, and spark plug wires. Check for an intake leak. If the engine light is staying on but you can’t pull up any codes, you may need to have the dealership scan your m/c.

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2 Responses to “Gas Smell and Engine Light”
  1. Neal

    Fuel injection. My a pinion. Would be what controls spark. Crank sensor. Coil. Relay to coil you know your getting fuel. But losing spark. Hope it helps you… Neal

    • Bigbob

      check vent on gas cap could be stuck or broken also check vent line … do you over fill tank ???