Gas Tank Liner Repair

Question for Fix My HogWhat chemical can I use to help dissolve/remove the tank liner in my Harley-Davidson manufactured gas tank? I tried soaking in Acetone for 24 hours (as Kreem recommends), then shaking for 4 hours with gravel and hex nuts and barely anything has come off.

Roger K

Fix My Hog AnswersHi Roger,

I have tried and tried again with no luck. I finally found a local radiator shop that pressure boils out whatever is loose, and then re-lines it with the red radiator sealant. This works perfectly every time and resolves the gray tank liner issue. The other option is to buy a replacement tank and wish for the best. The shop is Durable Radiator on Thomaston Ave. Waterbury, CT – Dave George is the owner. Wrench Safe, FMH

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  1. Robert

    Is there a way to remove the rust and inner liner of tank without harming the paint on the gas tank ??

    • Customer Service

      Hi Robert. There may be a radiator shop in your area that can pressure clean the inside of your fuel tank. Suggest taking care to wrap the tank with something that will cushion and protect and not fall off.
      Whether or not the paint gets damaged depends on who is handling the tank.

  2. dave tuttle

    The best and cheep tank liner stripper is vinager….works every time…tried all the crap that you can buy and vinager worked the best ,save your money !

    • Customer Service

      Hi there Don!

      We’d love to help!

      Would you send us a few more details in regards to this? I’ll then forward it to our expert!


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