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Question for Fix My Hog I’m converting my Harley into a trike. I watched your video on how to replace a belt on a softail. I know with my mechanical ability and your video + shop manual I can do it! I’ve been in a wheel chair for the past 3+ years. 8 knee replacements in 6+ years on right knee! (V.A.) I’m 73 and 2 wheeling days are over. Can walk now but not very well or long. I’ve not rode my baby in almost 4 years. That is way i’m converting it. My question is where can I get the gasket set from at a reasonable price? I’m on a budget because I lost my business and income because of Staph (MRSA) Infection. Spent almost 2 years in the V. A. Hospital. I live on SS ($ 1160.00 a month) and why I’m converting it myself! I will send you some pictures. I own a real beauty for 26 years old.

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Fix My Hog Answers James gaskets are the best quality gaskets & seals and reasonably priced.

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6 Responses to “Gaskets and Seals”
  1. sculgrl

    want video’s on Harley Trikes 2010-2013 have ultraglide 13 anniversary and 2010 streetglide trike

  2. Keith

    Don’t know what trike conversion kit you are using but the Frankenstein Kit leaves the belt on drive pulley no need for primary removal.

  3. Pete Garza
    Pete Garza

    i need to remove rear body of trike so I can access belt drive. My trike is a conversion.