George Gee’s Harley Story

G’day to all,

I first got introduce to motorcycles when I was a young child by my father and uncle, I was around five years old when my father brought me my very first mini bike, and ever since then, I have had a love for the two wheels world of motorcycles. I have always had the jappers until I was lucky enough to buy my first Harley Davidson, it only an 883 sportster 2011 super low. But never the less I am happy that it is mine. And I have only just got my red ps here in Australia as I had lost my license quite some time ago. So here in Australia, I had to redo the learners and now just got the red p back! And I’m so hanging out yo to get my sportster back on the road and get some serious klm on it!!

I only wish that my father would still ride as young fella I always dreamed about going on tour with my dad as he has ridden bikes most of his life, but he is no longer able to ride due to his health condition!!! But never the less I’m great full he had tought me to ride as a child!! Cheers black rubber down shine side up.

George Gee

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