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Question Hello, I love reading your articles. I was wondering if you have any information regarding what to do when replacing handlebars. I have a 1995 FLHTCUI that I converted from EFI to Mikuni carb and also replaced my stock handlebars to 14 inch apes. Upon removing the stock handle bar, I saw the air valve on the end of the handle bar and a rubber tube connected to the front Harley air suspension system of the bike. Someone told me to just plug the hose and it will work. I did that by inserting a bolt and secured it with a clamp and now I noticed that my front suspension is riding really hard. Do you have any advice that will help me with this suspension issues? I would really appreciate it. I love all your videos which were very helpful to my projects. Keep up the good work and thank you again. Freddie N Answer Freddie, Thanks for the email and great feedback. Sounds like you cut the front air suspension. You will have to repair the line and install a new schrader value. Video: Evo Front Air Suspension Freddie’s Feedback: Fortunately, I did not cut the rubber hose that is attached from the handle bar air inlet to the front fork air suspension system. I got myself a tire air valve, inserted it in the hose that is attached to the main front air suspension, clamped it and pumped air using the HD air suspension pump to 15psi. I checked the air valve and no air was leaking. I will leave the air valve behind the fairing for future air suspension adjustment. Thank you again for a great website.
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  1. Wendell Denney
    Wendell Denney

    Where do I connect air pump to control air suspension on 2015 Harley Davidson trike

  2. Barry Baker
    Barry Baker

    I have a 95 road king I can only find 1 air fill and the one I found was on left side over rear foot rest in side cover is there another place to and Air for front end?

  3. Cowboy

    I have a 91 Electra Glide Classic that has been converted with a Lehman trike kit.
    Fork’s are air adjustable! What might be the best air pressure setting for it???

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