Harley Battery Overcharging

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What would cause the Harley battery to overcharge on 1989 Softtail?

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Typically when a Harley battery overcharges, a bad voltage regulator. We recommend testing your charging system.

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3 Responses to “Harley Battery Overcharging”

      I recently had a bad Stator and Rotor cause an over voltage situation (18 VDC) coming out of the regulator on my 2006 FLHRCI. It also caused a premature failure of a brand new battery (2 months installed). My troubleshooting technique was to put an oscilloscope on the output of the Stator (and unbalanced readout on 2 phases while the 3rd dead). The Rotor was the primary cause due to the splines on the Rotor were spun completely off shorting out 1 phase of the Stator. The performance of the ignition (unusual idle while the clutch was engaged) was a noticeable symptom, but the installation of a faring w/radio (the radio was turning off to protect itself from the over voltage condition) lead to further troubleshooting. If the radio wasn’t in play, it would’ve taken a bit longer to figure out. Good luck.