Harley Brake Bleeder Valve Weep

Q: I recently replaced the stop lamp switch on my 2010 Softail Convertible as it was leaking brake fluid. Your Sportster fluid change video was an excellent guide for changing and bleeding the system – I used the Phoenix Systems injector. While I was at it, I also changed the front brake fluid. The brakes feel solid. But after some hard braking and slow-speed U-turn practice, I peeled back the Harley brake bleeder valve covers and noticed a slight amount of bleeder valve brake fluid weep. I first torqued the valves to 80 in-lbs. (lower torque spec) and then 100 in-lbs. (upper torque spec) in an attempt to stop it but still weeps. How can I stop the leak? Jeffrey L

A: A stock bleeder valve on a stock caliper should not leak on a bike that is only 4/5 years old. There is a good chance that the fluid you were seeing was residual. You can snug up the bleeder a little more and clean the area good with brake cleaner and compressed air.

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2 Responses to “Harley Brake Bleeder Valve Weep”
  1. Randall

    2015roadglideultracvo/se 117. 8700 miles. My question is,i told bike to dealer with primary rattle.only at idle but irritating. Sounds like compensator to me but dealer says normal sound for big twins to sound like that. Bike is under warranty. I changed all 3 holes and no metal in fluid.are they blowin hot air up my ass or can this be fixed. The rattle is driving me nuts but bike runs great over 1100 rpms. Any suggestions?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Mark DiPietro (FMH)
      Wednesday 18:58

      If you are certain that the sound you are hearing is not “normal”, you are going to have to insist that somthing be done.
      If you are uncertain, listen to another m/c of the same year and model to compare. Have the service department do that for you.
      We have not had any problems like you describe. The primay cases are very thin these days, and you can hear a lot of the natural movement of the drive assembly.