Harley Easy Clutch

Q: I own a 2004 Harley Super Glide Sport FXDXI. I’m an older rider and on long city traffic rides my left hand is tiring pretty often. I was thinking of installing the “easy Clutch kit”. I understand that 2006 and later they use an improved ramp. Can I just install the new type ramp or will the Harley easy clutch plate need to be installed also? Any advice? Will you ever be doing a video on this installation?

A:Yes, updating the ball and ramp would be a good start and if that does not help you could update to a variable pressure plate and clutch kit.

When we do clutch cables we show the ball and ramp.
Clutch Cable Removal

Clutch Cable Install

One More Removal

One More Install

We do show upgrading the clutch and that would be helpful for the easy clutch:

Clutch Removal

Clutch Install
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13 Responses to “Harley Easy Clutch”
  1. 03ultra45385

    The only difference with the easy clutch is the spring. The kit uses the same ramps. The newer 103 uses the earlier 2004 clutch spring (Yellow ID). Again you can use the 06 Spring if you are not riding hard or encreasing hp

  2. Bart

    I installed an Easy Pull Clutch Kit on my 2002 Road King; the difference in clutch pull is amazing! I think it’s supposed to reduce the effort to pull the clutch by about 60%, but whatever it is, it’s awesome. It is so easy to pull now, at first you wonder if you actually have any clutch at all. No more tired left and for me. Oh yeah, I bought the kit from ebay for $27.99. Installation is a piece of cake as well.

  3. James Winterstein
    James Winterstein

    I am in the same category and recently installed a “Rekluse” clutch for HD. I also use the “Clutch Wiz” plate on the front of the clutch pack. The Rekluse allows you to come to a full stop in first gear and not have to use the clutch at all – kind of a semi-automatic system although you may use the clutch if you wish to.

    • chris

      I like the idea I do not ride a lot since I hurt my back and blew my right knee out I got a 2012 streetglide with 300 miles so clutch is still pretty stiff so I would like to know how much it cost you and on a 1to10 how hard to install I been a heavy equipment mechanic all my life so thanks for the feed back

  4. Andrew

    FOr cable clutch actuation, llok at the smith bros easy clutch. Inexpensive and very effective!

  5. Vince

    Install a rekluseclutch kit I put one on my 2017 street glide I love it free left hand at every stoplight

  6. Larry Brown
    Larry Brown

    Ramps maybe the same as what you have. My 03 ultra had the newer ramps . Check part number for ramps in kit and for your bike. Clutch spring is softer. I also went to hydraulic clutch. Big difference. You can buy clutch spring separately.

  7. Michael A Ray Sr
    Michael A Ray Sr

    I have a 94 883 Sportster with a 1200 Sreaming Eagle kit. I am having issues with it dying while riding. Had the battery hot bare & grounded. Repaired it. Hoped that did the trick. No such luck. When it dies it seems like there is no fire to the plugs. Could it be a battery issue? Suggestions.

  8. levi

    I have a easy pull on 2000 ultra updated to a 95 from 88 and was wondering if the clutch adjustment is any difference from not having the easy pull

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