Harley Enrichener Cable

Q: I have a 2000 FLHT with a carbureted Twin Cam 88. The carburetor works fine, but the choke will not stay engaged unless the knob is physically held out. It immediately slides back to the off position if you let go. The choke operates properly, but holding the choke out is annoying on cold mornings when it takes several minutes for the engine to warm up. Any ideas to remedy this problem would be greatly appreciated.

A: Carefully try tightening the cable. Look behind the Harley enrichener cable bracket. You will see a zinc plated nut. Tighten this ONLY SLIGHTLY. Just a nudge will do. If you over tighten, you will break the cable, so be very careful. You are tightening a steel nut, over a plastic, hollow, shaft.

Explained in this video @ 14:50:
Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment / Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service


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Carburetor Rebuild
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11 Responses to “Harley Enrichener Cable”
  1. GUS

    Same problem on my 2001 DEUCE. I readjusted several times per Maint. Manual and it would loosen up every time. So went old school and used a spring type clothpin between the knob and the nut. Wonce the engine warms up..remove clothpin – push in knob…

  2. Gerhard

    I keep the knob open with a washing peg for about 3 miles when I start it cold. I see many other Harley owners do the same.

  3. horshak

    it’s one of those things that happen often. I have had a ’91 softail since new. I have replaced this cable 3 times and the one thats on it now is not acting well.

  4. Alan

    I use a clothespin on my 93 Harley Electra Glide hope they stay out until it warms up

  5. Scott

    The choke is used for starting only, once started , you should raise the rpm’s to a fast idle and slightly tighten the set screw on the throttle and let run till it warms up. Letting a big twin idle when cold will pound the crank bearings and cause premature wear.

    • Henry Jackson
      Henry Jackson

      Scott, that was great advice. I have a Road King and I hate the close pin trick. My choke starts the bike right away. But never stays out. I used the throttle wheel lock and it warms faster and feels like it rides better…

  6. Scott Reed
    Scott Reed

    I used a clothespin between nut tightenings until I over tightened. It’s broke but stays out. Go figure.

  7. John

    Ticket 38019 I have an 01 flhtc, it was running great, after we had extremely cold temperatures I can’t get it to crank.