Harley Fuel Shut Off

QuestionI just changed oil and filter on my 2001 XLH883C when I started it, it blew the filler cap off and oil all over, what could be the problem? Also changed the Harley fuel shut off cause it was leaking, the new one didn’t have the vacuum port so the mechanic told me to just block the line, is this a problem??

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AnswerReplacing your vacuum fuel valve with a non-vacuum valve is not related to your oil fill plug popping out. Make sure your oil level is correct. You may be over full. Also, if your fill plug is loose into your oil tank, you should replace it with a new OEM fill plug.

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7 Responses to “Harley Fuel Shut Off”
  1. Vera Taylor
    Vera Taylor

    The bushing on my gear shift is leaking and I need to replace it. Do you have a good video to follow? thanks

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi Vera. We would be happy to assist you with this, we just need a little more information. What is the year and model?

  2. keith williams
    keith williams

    I need to know what is inside the security modulator. My son has a 2009 Rocker C that wouldn’t start. The dealer said the modulator was bad. A new one was $278. In the process the found a very minor other electric problem and the bill was $425. Then the magic modulator arrived, had to be programmed by HD and the bill was $508.06. I asked for the part as I suspect it is a bi-stable relay and could be shorted to use next time, but they conveniently “lost” it. The front disc lock should be all the security needed for a 700+ piece of , well a HD

  3. Ro Templeton
    Ro Templeton

    I have put a 1974 shovelhead in a 1991 softtail frame and redid the oil lines back to swing arm ,and using the horse shoe tank I have a problem after a couple of days that the tank will fill up all the way to the top and its driving me nuts been wotking on bikes since I was a kid all old school plus iam a mechanic who has been learning computers and automotive since the 80″s ,my lines are right ,I think at oil filter my retyurn line gos in the middle and out to tank from outside ,is this right ?but cant understand why it works for a cople of days then the tank fills up to the top ! any ideas ? thank you

  4. Lorena Newton
    Lorena Newton

    rechanging back to vacuumn operated petcock where does the vacuumn line hook to

    Changing back to vacuum operated petcock. Where do i connect vacuumn line

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Lorena!

      We’d love to help! What is the year, make, and model of your bike?

      Thank you!

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