Harley Fuel Tank Removal

QuestionI enjoy being a member of your site as it is very informative. My question, I want to run a power source from my handlebars to my battery. Can I just raise my tank, or will I need to remove it? I have a 2012 Fatboy Lo. My service manual only tells me how to remove it. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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AnswerIf you can safety & securely run the wire without removing the tank; we would suggest doing so. Make sure the wire(s) is covered with shrink tube, or conduit and that you do not have it resting on anything hot or sharp. Secure it with tie wraps. Our videos also show Harley fuel tank removal.

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16 Responses to “Harley Fuel Tank Removal”
  1. Tim Bobell
    Tim Bobell

    I recently did a little wiring work for a buddy of mine on his FB. I did not have to remove the tank and was able to fish the wire pretty easily, there is a fair amount of open space to work with. As stated above watch out for sharps and heat. Good luck.

  2. Vic Schick
    Vic Schick

    I have fished wires thru the underside of the gas tanks on Harleys since 1975, the way I do it is to take the ground wire from 14 gauge house wire, I go from the battery side of the tanks under the right tank and carefully fish it to the front of the tanks and hook the wire I want to pull and slowly pull it back. It works every time.

  3. Geoff Lee
    Geoff Lee

    I have a 2010 fat boy lo. occassionally the engine will not fire while the bike is on the side stand. If I take it off the stand,it fires and runs normally but cuts out if I put the stand down. Any suggestions? this is the second time of asking

  4. Paul

    My 1999 Harley fast just found out charging system not working were to start. and any info if it’s common on this bike just got it love to ride bit don’t want to get stuck some where thank u in advance

  5. Vinnie

    Replaced 5 gallon tank for a 7+ gallon on a 2007 Flhtcui. Have issues of the bike stalling. Low RPM. Tried several different types of fixing. Any thoughts?

  6. Anthony E Brown
    Anthony E Brown

    Purchase a 1994 FLSTC Fat Boy 4.2 gal fuel tank(2 Pc) want to install on my 1995 XLH 883 DLX has anyone ever done this mod before if so your in put would be greatly appreciated

  7. Joe Bowers
    Joe Bowers

    I have a 1986 FXSTC that has been sitting for a long time…How do you get the fuel tank off??? I thought this was about all HD models even even 34 year old bikes.