Harley Idle Cable Sensor

Q: Hi guys, video’s have been great! Thanks!! I’m doing a lot of work on my bike. At the moment, I’m putting on 14″ apes. It’s on a 2002 Road King EFI, no cruise. So I got my longer throttle and idle, but I’m now realizing I have a cruise control sensor in my Harley idle cable. I’ve read in the forums that yes, Harley provided that link so if I should ever want to add cruise. I did not get a idle cable with the cruise option. I don’t want to return this, Is there something I should do with the sensor wires?? Cut and cap?? or should I cut and splice them together?

Thanks! Kevin

A: Don’t do anything with the 2 cruise wires. Just tuck them away behind the main harness and secure them with a zip tie.

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5 Responses to “Harley Idle Cable Sensor”
  1. Hank

    Sounds good but my friend installed an aftermarket tach/speedo on my 03 RK and now the neutral light works once in a blue moon or less.

    My neutral light works ocasionsnally on my 03 RK after friend installed aftermarket tach/speedo combo.

  2. johnwiley333

    my 2012 harley flhx is fly by wire it is idling badly and then turning off.