Harley Ignition and Coil

Q: I have a 95 heritage. upgraded with a crane hi4 from Harley ignition and coil. I have been having trouble with the front cylinder cutting out. So far I have replaced the plug wires, spark, plugs, and finally the coil. I am still having the same issue. The engine starts up & runs for awhile, then the front cylinder cuts out. What would be the next step?
Kent M

A: It is possible that the ignition, itself, is no good. Contact Crane ‘s customer service. Ask if they can send you their test procedure for the ignition. Or, they may ask you to send the unit out to them. Crane is a good American company. They usually stand by their products.

Hogger Feedback:

Thanks guys. I discovered that the ignition system stopped putting the power out to the front cylinder after the engine warmed up. I decided to go ahead & change out the ignition with the newer Crane Hi 4 system. I have not finished the installation yet. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the response! ( I tested it with a test light. A correctly firing ignition will show a strobe effect at the hook up to each side of the coil corresponding to each cylinder).

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15 Responses to “Harley Ignition and Coil”
  1. jimbo

    I had the same problem with my 84 evo and finally after changing ALL electrical parts and problem remaining, found it was a leaking gasket on my manifold intake at rear cylinder. Just saying!

  2. Tony M
    Tony M

    Correct any 12 v light set up even home made from a 12 v bulb would work but test light the best or if you have 1 to swap out to test from a bro .

  3. steve

    Front cylinder had no fire at plug on a 2003 Fatboy fuel injected. Replaced plugs, wires and coil and had same problem. Corrosion on one terminal of the ignition switch. Cleaned corrosion and engine started up.

  4. David

    I’m having a more severe issue. 2001 softtail. Sat for 5 years. No fire at the plugs. Here’s what I’ve done in no particular order.

    New coil, new battery, ohmed plug wires, tested a working control module and tssm from another working bike. Checked wiring from ignition down to fuse box. Checked all fuses. Checked fuse under rear fender. Cleaned map sensor. I literally don’t know what to check. I’m about ready to throw in the towel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again bike hasn’t run in over 5 years. No evidence of rodents. It’s s nice low milage un-molested bike.

    • Samson Ramirez
      Samson Ramirez

      I have a 1994 FLSTN. Had a voltage regulator go out and it made it seem like other things died. Its worth confirming its still good as mine was very out in the open.

  5. david

    I have 98 softail custom, at first thought it was low on gas,filled up tank drove 1/2 mile motor cut off. but it always starts back after its cooled off but not until then/ it has a craneHi-4single fire race ignition

    • Dennis Kranes
      Dennis Kranes

      2001 hd sportster 1200 custom, would cut out after a warm up, turns out it was the ignition module, since that was replaced good to go, just saying, good luck

  6. kevin bingham
    kevin bingham

    My coil has 4 prong plug , video i watched tested a dual fire and single fire 3 prong plug. any diff in testing ?? also if tester reads high then slowly drops into is that good reading ?thanks 06 road king classic