Harley Intake Leak

Q: I just join the program and I am very happy with it .I have a question for you guys and the technical division I have a 2003, 100 year anniversary Heritage Softail classic EFI and she sputters a little when I am driving at low speeds it happens usually from 5 to 15 MPH at 2nd gear I change the air filter, spark plugs, and use 93 or better gasoline I am suspecting the fuel filter , what do you think, she does not do this at idle or anything over 15 MPH can you shine some light on this issue otherwise she runs great.

A: Yes. Fuel filter is a logical thought. First, however, we would suggest checking for a Harley intake leak. While your bike is idling, mist the area around your intake flanges with brake clean. If your idle fluctuates (or if bike races; or stalls completely ) you should replace your intake seals.

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3 Responses to “Harley Intake Leak”
  1. john

    I have a 2013 streetglide with a 103. I am having an issue with my air cleaner getting excessive oil into my air cleaner. I have the HD stage one on it. Washed and cleaned K&N air cleaned, about 200 miles later it’s dripping oil at bottom of air cleaner? What can I do?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Your motor “breathes’ or vents, directly into your air cleaner element. Your 103 may breath heavier than others, but that doesn’t necessary mean that anything is wrong or that it’s time to tear down your motor and go looking for a problem. We often vent our top breathing motors to the ground. You may need to find a combination of hardware to do so: but it completely eliminates the problem you are experiencing. What you will need to do with this, depends on what you are running for an air cleaner assembly.

  2. Don

    I am wondering what you are doing in 2nd gear at 5 – 15 mph? That is first gear speeds Sounds like you could be lugging and you could be fouling your plugs. Read your manual and see what speed you should be at in first gear before you shift. If you have a tach you should shift at about 2000 – 2500 rpm.