Harley Lost All Power

Question I was riding down the road and my bike started to cut in and out then my Harley lost all power. I got it home and replaced all 3 relays cleaned my started solenoid and replaced my voltage regulator my battery has 10v but when I turn my key to the first position and try to start it all that happens is my relay clicks and when I turn my key to the second position to turn my lights on I lose all power.

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Answer 10 volts is not sufficient voltage to start a Harley Davidson. If you loose everything when you turn your ignition switch to the 2nd position, you either have a bad switch or a dead short.
Why was the voltage regulator changed? Was the charging system tested?

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60 Responses to “Harley Lost All Power”
  1. greg

    Check the ground connections. It doesn’t explain the 10v but may help with the power loss issue.

  2. charlie whitney
    charlie whitney

    i was riding down the road and lost all power, I have have check the ground and it tite and all connection are good connect right

    • jabber

      I have a 2005 HD FXDLI and was riding along and lost all power as well. Checked every thing and in the end we replaced the battery and all was well. Back on the road!

  3. arthur sutton
    arthur sutton

    my sportster starts and runs well in the first position but dies in the second position. is this normal

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi Arthur. We need a little more information. What is 1st position/2nd position?

      • charlesoden

        ignition switch has OFF, ON, ACC positions. If ON is the 1st position, ACC the second, the bike is not meant to RUN when in ACC position.

  4. Fred Rusokoff
    Fred Rusokoff

    2000 fat boy was running great won’t start gets gas and fire good charge tested spark plug wires and coil change spark plugs

  5. Charles

    What other accessories do you have on the accessories circuit, is there anything new that was installed? If so I would check the wiring to the new stuff first as a mis-wiring on the new stuff could cause a current draw and a short circuit condition when clicking over to the accessories position. Definitely sounds like some wiring may have chaffed through the insulation somewhere to cause a short to ground condition.

  6. Scott McCarthy
    Scott McCarthy

    I own two HD, the 2008 Super Glide Custom all of sudden has a bad vibration. We change the spark plugs nothing..?? We are checking the tire weights next.

  7. Don

    My first thought would be to load test the battery. 10v is low and if it he only gets a clicking when trying to start, that’s one sign of a bad battery. Also if the lights kill the battery, it is probably suspect again! He may have a short but if it is clicking, then he does not have enough juice to turn the starter over.

    • Fred Boudreau
      Fred Boudreau

      Check ground on batt. Harleys are famous for lose ground wire.
      Check battery for dead cell. Most auto stores will check for free

      • Mike

        Shorts blow fuses, trip circuit breakers and burn wiring. It is not a short in the true definition. You can’t test a 12v system with 10 volts in the battery. How old is battery and has it been properly maintained with a tender during the off season ? By going to the second gate of ignition switch you are energizing more electrical loads. If you starting with 10v chances are you’re creaming whatever’s left.

      • Linda

        My 91 sporty was doing the same thing. It was clicking but if I put a charge on it , it would start.I bought a new battery not realizing the terminals where opposite and some one turned it around making it fit-now I have absolutely no power at all- he took a wire from the main breakers and connected it to the ignition, and got power,but said we can not keep it connected that way as it would blow my battery up.I don’t know a simple battery change turned in to this mess I am dealing with now. I am beyond frustrated all relays have been checked, battery is brand new ground wires checked- some one please throw some ideas my way. Thank you

        • Customer Service Techs
          Customer Service Techs

          Make sure the new battery is not damaged. Charge it and have it load tested.
          Make sure the battery cables are good.
          Test your ignition switch with a multimeter. Make sure it is not fried.
          You should have one wire, either from your starter post, or from your battery positive post going to your main breaker (30 amp). Your main breaker should power your ignition switch. Your ignition switch should power your ignition breaker and your lighting breaker.
          You may want to pick up a service manual so you can have a good wiring diagram.

          • darv brock
            darv brock

            i have a service manual for a 73 to 78 but has nothing about a bike with a dyana system

  8. darv brock
    darv brock

    hi i have a 73 fl shovel bought it and fixed the things that was wrong with it have road it fo 5 yrs put it away last fall went out to start and would not start replaced the coil the coil had some bad cracks in it but still no spark i don’t have points i have a dyna ele system with a pick-up coil have power to every thing i test but not sure how to test the pick – coil

  9. neil

    i have a 97 RoadKing. Engine died while cruising, towed bike home, when I turn on ignition switch, only got power to horn and speedo light. No neutral light or red, switch on light. checked all 4 fuses, all good. where do I look at this point?

  10. neil

    I’m adding to my last 97 RoadKing comment. I”ve also removed ignition switch and checked for resistance and switch showes resistance in the on mode. Turn signals work. Break lights from hand and foot switches do not. So no head light, neutral or run lights on dash.

  11. Joey Payton
    Joey Payton

    I have a 01 dyna superglide I was riding and just lost all power so when I got it home I put the battery on charge then I could turn the key to the first position and the mileage Will show turn it to the start position and I lose everything

  12. Donney

    I have a 2002 Fatboy Carbuerated. My Main Circuit Breaker is blown. I have the new one, and I can see the Breaker in front of the splash guard at the rear fender, but can’t figure how to get to it the easiest way without disassembling more than I need to. I know this is a very easy fix but need help on how to get to it. I’ve already pulled the battery out even though apparently I didn’t need to. We have an upcoming rally and there are other things I need to get to, but not until I can start it. PLEASE!!! HELP!!!

  13. Richard

    hello ,my name is Rick and I own a 1994 FXR H-D (1340 EVO) and I’m starting to think my bike has been cursed . first thing I did was replace the wiring thru a local motorcycle mechanic. then my carb was bad so I replaced it with a brand new one. then my coil died. so I replaced the coil plugs & cables . now when I try and start the bike the lights come on the starter kicks over then it cut off and the breakers click. it started to smoke lightly and I smelled something. i tested the circuit breakers with the power checking tool and power is still flowing thru them when the key is turned on. 1 breaker glows when tested when the ignition is not on. another one glows when tested and the key is turned once. and the other 2 glow when tested when the key is turned all the way on. what do you suggest?

  14. stetson

    I have a 2008 harley deluxe i was riding it one day and it lost all power then come back on while riding it down the highway i pulled over and killed it and it had no power at all checked the battery and it only had 5 volts assumed it was a bad battery but after about and hour or so i tried to start it and it had all the power back and fired right up about 5 min or so down the highway it did the same thing would lose all power replaced the voltage regulator and relays still the same but will only start up with jumper cables but when you remove the jumper cables it dies

  15. Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams

    I have a 2003 Ultra classic. I loose all power Then comes and goes. Checked all connections and battery and everything seems tight.

  16. Homer

    My 04 electriglide voltage meter drops to just above 10 and engine light and battery light come on, doesn’t do it all the time

  17. William

    I was riding and lost all power. Replaced the battery and things were fine the rest of the night and next morning. However, later in the day, ended up with a dead battery again. My trouble codes indicate high voltage. Check engine and battery light both on and battery is still draining. How do I determine if it is the rectifier or the stator?

  18. Buzz

    2005 road King started to sputter then finally died. No power no clicking no lights just dead. I checked fuses they are good. I have a new battery the connections are good clean and tight . When I turn the key on. The od shows for a second. I don’t get it . All my grounds are good . I’m lost.

  19. Lilbloodbear

    2008 Harley dyna fat Bob pulled app to stop light battery and engine light was on so I killed the bike at which point it refused to start so this guy jumped out and give me a push and it started I wrote it approximately four to five more miles and it started every time I throttled it it would bog down like losing power and the closer I got home which I was about 7 miles at this point if I finally just married it would not keep bogging down and bogging down and then finally it died which when I try to start it after this it’s like it’s got power to the battery the battery got plenty of power but it’s like the cylinoid is not engaging with the starter and now it just sits in the driveway and says click click click click which is about to drive me out of my mind can you help me?

  20. DAVID

    I needed new motor mounts on my 1995 Dyna Wide Glide. My bike had power and started just fine before I installed the front and rear motor mounts. When I finished, I was going to go for a test ride and now I have no power at all. When I turn the ignition switch on, I have no lights and no power to anything. I have a new lithium ion battery and it shows 13.5 amps. Can you help me figure this out.

  21. Steve emerson
    Steve emerson

    84 flh losses all electrical turn everything off wait 1 minute then power is restored

  22. Kevin crippen
    Kevin crippen

    NB Ticket 18619 Have a 2004 XL 883 CUSTOM sporster. While going down the road lost all power. Got it home replaced fuses and had the battery tested all good. Can’t get any power when I turn the key. Totally dead.

  23. raychine393

    Have similar problem 88 FXSTS started missing & backfiring. I changed the ignition module and it ran great for a short time then started missing & backfiring again. Checked bat./good,checked spark/very week, changed module again. Ran great again then bang same as before. I’m stuck!!!

  24. Wes

    have a 2005 Heritage HD. Been sitting awhile, crank it every so often. Went out to crank and when i turn the run switch on, the lights start blinking and when i blow horn everything shuts off.
    Battery chargers says it’s charged. Any Suggestions ?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Wes,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      Periodically starting a bike that is in storage can be more harmful than beneficial.
      You create condensation by running in short durations.
      Your charger or volt meter say that your battery has 12 volts or is fully charged but that may not be an accurate measurement of your battery’s health.
      The battery may be lacking amperage which is the muscle of a battery.
      Make sure that you are using a quality, fully charged, known good battery and that your battery connections are clean and secure.
      If you have a key FOB, replace the 3 volt battery.

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  25. William Gerbrick
    William Gerbrick

    stopped today to get some food. came back to bike (2006 fatboy) and tried to start. turned on ignition and pressed start. kicked over then electrical system shut down. no power to gauges at all. switched to acc and power was there but nothing in ignition position. used jumper cables and bike started until cables were removed then blank screen again and bike shut down. trailered home and now looking for so help to explain what might be going on

  26. Ronnie Rippy
    Ronnie Rippy

    2000 Heritage Softail motor shut off it would restart but run rough got it home turned on ignition and nothing at all is there a master fuse somewhere its no under the seat

  27. Bob

    06 Dyna super glide hadn’t been started in a while. Key on everything good hit start bike kicked forward and all power was then lost. no lights, nothing. Sometimes makes a quiet buzzing noise when key it turned off. Battery and visible fuses good

  28. William F Heuby
    William F Heuby

    I’m having similar problems. I haven’t rode my bike much. Just purchased it in late December. It’s almost like a misfire, but will start and idle. Any idea’s?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello William,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      What is the year, make, and model of your bike please?

      If you have any other concerns, please contact us at 1-855-231-0653, or chat with us on our site.

      We greatly appreciate your business!


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