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Question Hey, kind of an unusual request. I have a 2007 Sportster 1200 Low with factory 16″ rear and 19″ front cast wheels. Building a scrambler type bike and wanting a 17″ rear spoked wheel and 19″ front. The 17″ rear is the problem. Seems I can’t find one anywhere. Do you know the specs, maximum width, etc that I would have to have and or somebody that sells one so I don’t have to start from a rim and hub? Thanks your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer You are into Harley modification / customization.
It will be good to know a machinist, if you are not.
When you find the rim that you are looking for, you will need to figure out:
What tire you can use?
Wheel bearing size.
Axle length, diameter.
Wheel spacing.
Sprocket or pulley- Belt or chain
Caliper/rotor combination
Caliper bracket
Axle adjusters
Wheel clearance
Shock length
and probably 11 other things that we are missing right now.
Not impossible, but it will be very involved. I was not joking about knowing a machinist.
Best of luck

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4 Responses to “Harley Modification”
  1. Taylor

    I just built a 2004 xl1200r cafe with a 3.5×18″ 40 spoke laced rear I purchased from “kcint” on ebay. They contacted me after the purchase to make sure they had the correct sizes and bearings in it for me and had it built and speed to me in about 4 weeks. It sounded like they will put together just about any wheel you want. Finding tires to fit is challenging and make sure your shocks are long enough to handle the taller wheel.

  2. Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan

    Maybe try getting in touch with ridewright wheels in Southern California. Wheels are their thing.