Harley Negative Cable

Question The Harley service manual directs us to remove the negative battery cable behind the crankcase. On your video Bob pulls out the battery a bit, accessing the negative post and removes the cable from there. Is the cable long enough to do that? It would make it a lot easier because getting to the Harley negative cable connection down by the crankcase is cumbersome. Why does Harley suggest that method?

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Answer XLs and Dynas have such tight areas for the battery and Bob shows us his way of doing it. Find a way that works best for you that does not cause damage or injury.

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6 Responses to “Harley Negative Cable”
  1. randy

    I rebuilt my primary side on 2000 ultra and when going back together had only one ground cable on rear bolt on starter it was all I remembered taking off, was I correct, thanks

  2. Matthew DeMars
    Matthew DeMars

    I need to replace my negative cable on 2012 1200C. I usually use Bob’s method to remove the battery because getting to the negative cable as suggested by the owner’s manual seemed impossible with the way it suggested. After trying multiple combinations of ratchet sizes, extensions, swivels, and sockets, i’m at the point of taking things off the bike to get to it. Any suggestions on the quickest/easiest way to remove the ground cable?