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QuestionCan I use this video to change the Harley oil and filter for on my 2007 FLS ? And what tools would be recommend for me to use?
Softail & Dyna Maintenance

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Answer This Softail video under related videos works for a 2007 FLSTN. You will need a 5/8″ socket and a ratchet for the oil drain plug. Oil filter wrench, or strap wrench for the oil filter.

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12 Responses to “Harley Oil and Filter”
  1. Burkley Smith
    Burkley Smith

    After a year you have not shown any of the 1200 sportster on your site it’s alway about the 103 harley and you want me to sign up for a year ?

  2. Michael Jameson
    Michael Jameson

    Ignorance on my part. I cannot find the drain oil plug for my wife’s 2002 FLHT. The owners book has it on the right side. The local HD mechanic has it on the left side. I have looked and looked. I see bolts that hold the casing together etc. Please help me so I can get on with this simplistic procedure.

  3. Gano Bergeron
    Gano Bergeron

    I have a 2004 soft tail heritage. Can i use 20/50 synthetic for everything? engine, tranny, clutch

  4. Alfons

    Ticket 22445 Hello. I own a Road King 1999. The engine oil is to be changed. According to my Clymer manual it should be 20W50 API SF or SG. on the site http://www.rymax-lubricants.com I found a list with the API specs explanations. There the SF and SG should not be used on engines built after 1993. SJ is recommended by API but not by Clymer due to the additives. What is your point of vue? Alfons.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Alfons,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      We prefer using Specto oils.
      Their 20/50 full synthetic Platinum is listed as A.P.I SF/SG
      We are mechanics.
      Not engineers or chemists; so, whatever Spectro is doing works for us. We trust in all of their products.
      As long as you use quality motorcycle oil and change it religiously, you have nothing to worry about.


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