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Q: Hi I am currently in the process of changing my cam on a harley twin cam engine …. I have now put it all together but now the bike absolutely wont start – I am 100% that the Harley timing marks are positioned correct – HOWEVER – i might have turned the engine ONE round – without the chain to the cams – so the timing could be of by a full round – so ignition occurs on the exhaust stroke !!! Is this really possible – or will the electronics fix this automatically ?? The bike is a 2001 carburetor Softail.

A: If you used adjustable pushrods, make sure they are adjusted correctly. If you have your cams timed correctly, and your pinion gear / cam gear timing is correct; you are timed correctly. Wouldn’t hurt to remove your cam cover and re inspect your work. Check for diagnostic trouble codes. Also, dont rule out the easy stuff. Check your plug wires. Check for spark. Verify that you are getting fuel.

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8 Responses to “Harley Timing”
  1. Mark

    Hi fix my hog
    I have a 98 super Dyna custom 2013 year and I like it what pipes would you recommend that is not to loud ps will the air filter need to be changed or a fuel programer need to be fitted ? Thanks Mark biggs.

  2. phillip

    I changed cams out on both my Deuce and ultra at the same time. My Ultra cranked right away. My Deuce would not crank. I had the timing marks on the Deuce out 180 degrees. I also was 100% sure I had them correct.

  3. Don

    I would open it up and recheck and reset all to the marks. You should at least get a kickback or misfire if out of time. As also mentioned check for spark and fuel. You need both to run!

  4. Rick

    I have just purchased a 2002 Harley Low Rider soft tail 88cc . Had for a bout a month but didn t ride it much or to far yet and it faithful started every time i was coming home one night and it ran a little ruff but the guy before me took the baffles out so i am going to put some back in but i was taking off the next day and it stalled on me. i sat there for a moment and wouldn t start since. I checked to see if it was getting gas & had spark it did. so i talked to a guy that had a bike like mine & he told me that those motors like to jump timing if so i need to know how to go a bout check the timing on a 2002 v twin 88cc low rider can anyone coach me thru the procedure i am mechanically savvy. Thank You for your time and knowledge . Rick

  5. herlr911

    Ticket 20388 Took the engine out to paint the bike. Put the motor back in but it won’t start. Got no fire at the plugs . All else works but won’t fire. HELP !!!!

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