Harley Wiring

Question for Fix My Hog 1980 Shovelhead. However I get your emails and they are very helpful. I received your email about the 3 DVD set on Electrical Troubleshooting and was wondering if they would be of a benefit to me or not. Please let me know.

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Fix My Hog Answers The DVD set covers basic how electricity works and how it works on a motorcycle. We do not strip the wiring from a motorcycle and re-wire it. We give solid tips along the way. Please review the DVD chapter titles to see more on what is covered to make your decision.

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  1. robert.longrie2

    hard to understand if a new member always want you to sign up even if you are a member

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      Hi Robert,

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  2. Justin Boswell
    Justin Boswell

    How to turn the rear turn signals into a double element build and also to convert the whole lighting system to led the front light the front turn signals and the rear tail light and rear turn signals plus the rear turn signals to a double element bulb so the rear turn signals run all the time like the fronts do on a 1991 Harley-Davidson 883 xlh deluxe it has the big bore kit on it aftermarket heads with dual spark plugs in each cylinder aftermarket points aftermarket front forks I think everything on it is aftermarket except the rear shocks which have the bracket to lower the rear ind

  3. Bradford

    I have a problem with something in the electrial system. I just added the extended turn signal buttons so i had to open each switch housing to remove the old and install the new switch buttons. Now my cruise is not fuctioning consistantly or shuts off for no reason. I have checked the right front break switch and it works, I have opened the switch control cover to be sure all wires were connected and did the same for the clutch side (2009 Ultra Classic) The cruise did work correctly before this change out so I am frustrated as to where else to check.

  4. mlgrant166

    Ticket 18405 I have an issue with my 1998 Dyna Superglide. The regulator failed and the battery overcharged. This blew out my turn signals, tail light, headlight (lowbeam), load equalizer for a Custom Dynamics led license plate with turn signals, speedomenter lights and the fuel gauge light. I replaced the regulator, all the bulbs, the battery and the load equalizer. The problem is the fuel gauge light still does not work. I took a quick look at the wiring diagram in the factory service manual and I can see there is only two wires. The fuel gauge works. The light does not. Can this be a broken wire, bad ground or maybe the socket? Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

  5. C Dennis
    C Dennis

    How is it I read of al these folks getting e mails in answer to questions & all I get is ads

  6. wmmondier

    I have a 1996 Hot Wheels Tribute Bike(#4) with a 96 S & S Motor. When I bought the bike it didn’t run or start. (No Spark) I got it cheap cause no one could fix it. I pulled the coils and Dyna Ignition System to begin a components check. Everything Checks OK. Put back together and it begins to fire. I begin a stsrtic setup on Ignition .system. It starts right up and runs beautiful Tranny was out when I bought the bike. 3 months later I get tranny back . I started bike and rode 6 -8 blocks it dies and there’s no power to anything. A week later I started checking the electrical system. Everything was working but won’t start , no spark. Bought New Ignition. coils and wiring harness . It begins to spark and starts . I rode another 6-8 blocks it dies . No spark won’t start. My question is can a wire back feed through the starter relay and cause this problem. I didn’t replace key switch or breakers. The only componets left are brake light, starter, kill, and dimmer switches. What is causing this problem. It has new battery and starter.

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