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Q: My 2009 Road King has trouble starting. It either won’t turnover or I have to shut everything off and after a couple attempts it starts. The battery is fine and I had Harley dealer replace starter clutch. Thanks Michael B.

A: Michael, unless this m/c has high miles, it is uncommon to already need a starter clutch. If the starter clutch was no good, it was probably due to to lack of voltage or amperage. Regardless of your battery’s age, it should be load tested. This is the only way to determine the health of your battery, without speculating. Remember: if you test your battery with a volt meter, you are only learning the battery’s voltage. Your battery’s power comes from its amperage. Also, You should have a complete test of your charging system. If you have added any accessories to your bike, test to be sure that there is no voltage draw or voltage leaking when your ignition switch is turned off. Good luck

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5 Responses to “Help Me Turn Over”
  1. gotchiericky

    I have a 2000, road king, FLHRCI, The bike ran out of gas, put gas in but would not start, I noticed that the fuel pump was not activating on pushed run button, I can always here the fuel pump engage at this time, I talked with Harley parts departments, was told fuel is bad, I replaced the fuel pump and that works now, I can hear the pump activate, I also replaced the Throttle cables, at same time as pump, Now motor will crank up but will not start now,
    I used the trouble coding and it’s showing a fault code of d015EE,
    After going the code at same time I’m seeing a code of d055EE,
    Cannot find either code, any suggestions?
    Thank you

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Rick,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      You need to determine, with certainty, whether your issue is fuel or electrical related.
      Test for spark
      If spark is not present, try replacing crank and cam position sensors.
      If spark is present, you need to test fuel pressure.

      d01 is the Speed sensor output shorted low,
      d02 is Speed sensor power output shorted high or open,
      d03 and d04 are not used,
      d05 is Speed sensor return shorted high,
      d06 is Speed sensor return shorted low,
      d07 not used,
      d08 is Speedometer power overvoltage,
      d09 is Speed output shorted high and
      d10 is Speed output shorted low or open.
      If the code has CLr added (d01CLr) which means clear no problems
      The CAL 03 will be the last one Calibration 3=Domestic.


      Fix My Hog

  2. Leroy

    My 2011 FXDWG will not start at all.I thought it was the switch bcauz I could tap on hte housing and it would start unitl the other day and nothing. I took the switch apart and saw some spider webs inside the housing but the switch itself looked to be sealed. I remember hearing about the starter being the culprit. How do I test the starter. Before I logged onto the site i was watching a video that reflected on my problem so I logged on and now I cannot find the video. My bike has 104,439 miles on it.