How Do I Maintain My Sportster?

Question for Fix My Hog Hi, Before I decide to enroll on Premium for your company, I have a couple of questions. 1. What’s in the Sportster Maintenance Videos? Do they cover all basic maintenance? 2. Do I need to buy the Sportster Maintenance How-To 3 DVD set separately? 3. Does it include the re-jetting? I just needed the basics such as How to change Oil/Filter, Spark plugs, Spark plug wires, etc. I prefer to do it myself to save $$$ unless a mechanic is required. Appreciate your quick response and Thank you in advance. Jimmy

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Fix My Hog Answers Hi Jimmy, The Fix My Hog Membership will allow you to watch close to 100 hours of Harley How-To. With a video membership you would not need to buy the DVDs but if you wanted hard copies you would be able to purchase at a discount as a member and / or video downloads for you to own.

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One Response to “How Do I Maintain My Sportster?”
  1. Ronald Wesley
    Ronald Wesley

    No sense going premium since my bike is 1973 and your videos will not cover it