How to adjust your points?

Question for Fix My Hog How to adjust your points?

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Remove timing plug and turn motor until advance timing mark (a straight line) is in the opening.

Now, the cam follower should be just about to open the points (on the narrow lobe).

Turn & hold the cam follower counter clockwise with a needle nose pliers.

Set points gap

Set narrow lobe to .018″

Set wide lobe to .018″ to .020″

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  1. joseph press
    joseph press

    Ticket 22622 what adjustable push rods do you use in older evo”s like 1998 ?? thanks


    These directions are a formula for disater! If I’m reading this correctly, you are to turn the cam follower without turning the pistons to a different location! The bolt securing the cam follower is half the thickness of a pencil and I’ve seen guys snap them trying to turn them with a wrench or socket.