How To Set Evo Timing

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How do you set the timing on a 1987 FXST Harley Davidson 1340

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To set with a timing light:

Remove the crankcase timing plug and expose the timing hole.

Install a clear plastic timing hole plug to prevent oil splash.

Connect the positive terminal of an inductive timing light to the positive battery terminal of the motorcycle.

Connect the negative terminal of the timing light to the negative terminal of the battery.

Connect the inductive pickup probe of the timing light to the front cylinder spark plug wire.

Start the engine, and run it at idle. Point the timing light into the timing inspection hole.

If the ignition is properly timed, the timing bar will align with the circular timing reference mark.

The reference mark on a correctly timed Evo will appear as a vertical bar through the center of the circle.

Remove the timing cover from the right side of the motor.

Loosen the the timing plate screws with a slotted screwdriver, and turn the timing plate to adjust the timing.

Recheck the timing marks with the timing light.

Tighten the timing plate screws, and install the cover.

The process is easier with 2 people.

Also, it is easier to see the timing bar if painted with white or yellow paint.

Static timing instructions will vary depending on what you are running for an ignition. Stock pick-up, points, electronic….

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7 Responses to “How To Set Evo Timing”
  1. ray herl
    ray herl

    i got no fire at the spark plugs. New module; inspected all wire in the harness for breaks in the wires. changed out coils etc. But still wont fire !!!!! HELP !

    • Garry

      Have you checked your incoming voltage to your coil with meter and a good ground. Do you have a book to trouble shoot it, with schematics

    • Terry Ash
      Terry Ash

      Do you have positive voltage at the plus side of coil with key in run position? Check coil resistant as I’ve seen them bad when new.

  2. Ray

    Ticket 21550 last fall I had a problem with my clutch. Started the bike, put into 1rst gear but the clutch was out of adjustment, stalled the bike and it hasn’t started since. What happened ? I think the ‘jar’ from engaging the tranny caused the timing to go out of whack. Is this possible ? How do I fix this mess ?