In The Shop: Detachable Tour Pack

This is our friendly “heads up” to any Touring owners who are considering a detachable tour pack assembly. In The Shop, we are not in favor of modifying a tour pack so that it can be detachable. Over the years, we have completed installation with a number of these kits. We have found that, even when using the correct Harley Davidson docking hardware kit (with Loctite) and scrutinizing over instructions, the final product will eventually be a rattling nuisance that is a task to both remove and reinstall. The cargo weight within the tour pack, along with the constant vibration of the motor, inevitably wear out the four tour pack mounting bushings. Once the bushings are worn, the tour pack begins to vibrate more which leads to loose hardware and, sometimes, broken brackets or hardware.

Another disappointment is that the detachable tour pack does not simply pop right off like a detachable sissy bar. Every time you want it removed, it is a procedure that includes removing the seat, unplugging all tail section wiring (including rear speakers & passenger radio & talk controls), moving the antenna from the tour pack to the relocation bracket, and plugging in antenna at the relocation bracket. From there, you need to consider emptying any cargo in the tour pack that is of considerable weight. The tour pack is heavy and cumbersome to handle. Any additional cargo weight will make matters worse. These steps are repeated in reverse when reinstalling.

Often, to achieve the look of a Street Glide, riders will eliminate their tour packs permanently. They typically pile all of the excess wiring harness beneath the seat, on top of the battery or ECM creating a mess. We recommend keeping a tour pack in its stock configuration. If insistent on permanent removal, take the time to eliminate wiring harness that is no longer needed. If choosing to go the detachable route, commit to maintaining the assembly. Continuously monitor mounting hardware. If hardware loosens, remove it, clean it, add Loctite & re-torque. When bushings wear; replace them accordingly and always set the tour pack aside, covered, in a safe location when removed.

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2 Responses to “In The Shop: Detachable Tour Pack”
  1. John Silny
    John Silny

    My FLHTCI has the “quick disconnect” and it still feels loose after replacing the plastic bushings. I plan to replace the docking trunk setup with a solid, more stable mounting. Maybe the local MC Swap Meet?