In The Shop: Dyna Oil Pan

We seem to replace just as many Dyna oil pan gaskets as we do for Touring models.

Sometimes a Dyna oil pan is removed to properly install an over size drain plug when drain plug threads have been stripped or damaged (there are two drain plugs on every Touring and Dyna model oil pan). Sometimes an oil pan is removed because the pan is cracked or damaged and needs to be replaced. Most times, however, the oil pan is removed to simply replace a leaking oil pan gasket.

A leaking Dyna oil pan gasket is something that can often be avoided. The most common reason for gasket failure is from loosening oil pan hardware. It is a good idea to check the oil pan hardware with a 3/16″ ball allen at every major service. If one or more screws are discovered to be loosening; remove the screw, clean the screw and it’s allocation, reinstall the screw with a drop of red threadlocker, and re-torque to factory spec. When oil pan hardware has been loose for an extended period of time, the gasket becomes compromised. Usually, in this case, re-tightening the hardware may not stop the leak.

That was the case with a Dyna that we recently had In The Shop. The procedure for the Dyna oil pan removal and installation is relatively similar for all Touring and Dyna models with only small variations. You should have a flat jack and a couple of different small blocks of wood available so the transmission can be lifted for the clearance needed to remove the oil pan.

On Dyna models, it is sometimes necessary to remove the rear motor mount. Thoroughly clean the oil pan and gasket surfaces prior to re-installation. Avoid damaging or distorting the new gasket. It is a good idea to practice re-installing the oil pan before positioning the gasket. Also, have all hardware cleaned and prepped. Once you are comfortable with your approach, position the gasket and slide the oil pan into place. Tighten the hardware evenly and torque to spec. Fill with Bel-Ray total performance lubricants.

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