In The Shop: Shock Lowering Kit

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2010 Road Glide Goes Low

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In the shop this week we have a 2010 Road Glide. The owner chose to lower the motorcycle for comfort. We installed the Progressive Lowering Kit which will allow the rider to stand flat footed and give a better front suspension compared to stock.

Not every rider is comfortable with the stock height of their motorcycle. Often the bike will stand too tall for a rider which can be both difficult and dangerous, especially when coming to a complete stop on uneven ground. Sometimes this issue can be resolved by simply changing to a different seat which will cradle the rider in a lower position over the chassis.

Changing or replacing a seat is, of course, quick and simple to accomplish. Purchasing a seat, however, will typically cost a considerable amount of money. It’s an option.

Sometimes changing over to shorter rear shocks will lower a bike enough for a rider. Progressive shocks are always a solid investment for any bike. Check out the install video.

Typically, however, most riders prefer the stance of their ride to be/look even; front to back, rather than gradually rising upward in the front. When it comes to front fork assemblies we always look to Progressive Suspension. Regardless of what you may want to accomplish, Progressive will not only have your ride looking good, but your bike will also ride smoother than it ever could with a stock Harley Davidson set up. We recently had this 2010 FLTR in the shop. The customer already had Progressive shocks in the rear which were one inch shorter than stock.

The front wheel had recently been changed over to a 21″ to accomplish the custom look that the customer was looking for. This combination left the bike looking far too tall in the front. We lowered the bike one inch with Progressive’s Drop-in Front Fork Lowering System. We also decided to change fork seals at this time. We used James Gasket seals and Spectro fork oil upon reassembly.

The bike now looks great and rides; well a touring bike can only handle so well with a 21″ wheel in the front. However, it is definitely easier to handle now that it is down 1″ with the Progressive assembly. Sometimes it’s alright to choose form over function. The customer loves this bike and doesn’t mind muscling in and out of corners.

See the videos series on Chrome Forks and slider covers here.

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    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Harley Davidson and aftermarket companies offer engine gaurd assemblies for virtually every year and model. The guards are simple to install but the mounts & brackets differ greatly from model to model.
      You will need to purchase a kit specific for your year & model and follow the instructions.
      If you have any questions or issues during installation, please forward them to us. We will help you out the best we can. (ZD: 3418)

  1. michael powers
    michael powers

    Is it better to install an oil cooler or cooling fans for the jugs on my 2015 softail slim I live in Florida bike gets very hot with our weather

  2. James Vineyard
    James Vineyard

    so i would follow the basic same procedure for lowering my 2010 ultra classic?

  3. Nick Terbo
    Nick Terbo

    You should explain that when you do this you also need to change your kickstand or it will fall over happened to me on my 11 street glide on the Dragon Tail

  4. Allen Dowdy
    Allen Dowdy

    Is there a kit for a 99 Roadking Classic? I hardly ride anymore because I have a hard time keeping it up when I come to a stop.

  5. gordon lehnert
    gordon lehnert

    I read your article and I like the idea of lowering the rear shocks but I don’t want to go to a 21″ wheel in the front. What do you suggest?

  6. Ron Trimpe
    Ron Trimpe

    Thinking about getting the S&S Cycle Silver 100″ Sidewinder Big Bore Kit for my 05 Road Glide, was wondering if the Vance & Hines Chrome Big Shot Duals Exhaust for the 88″ will still fit the 100″?