In The Shop: Trike Body Removal

If you own a Harley Davidson Tri-Glide, it is inevitable that you will eventually encounter the need to remove the motorcycle’s body. Muffler or exhaust system replacement is the most common example of a time that the trike body will need to be removed.

Although the body is large and cumbersome, removal is fairly easy and consists of only a few steps. Start, as always, by removing the seat and disconnecting the battery’s negative cable. Remove the side covers and the trunk liner. Disconnect the rear lighting harness from the main harness. Then, remove the four screws & washers (internal) and remove the front fasteners and washers that secure the body to the intermediate frame (internal). Next, remove the two screws and washers to release the front external brackets from the intermediate frame down-tubes.

That’s it!

Now, you simply need a second set of hands available to help lift the body from the motorcycle. If nobody is available, we strongly suggest waiting. Although most people may be strong enough to lift this component on their own, it is not worth risking damage, especially to a painted component. The body is large and awkward to handle. Dropping or scraping this finnished, painted piece can be a costly mistake. Before removing the body, make sure that there is already a space prepared to set the body down. It is a good idea to lay an old comforter or blanket on an area of flat ground or on a large, stable, flat table or bench. Re-installation is reverse of disassembly. Be sure to start all hardware loosely, by hand before tightening and torquing to factory specs. More Trike Videos

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