In The Shop:Tri-Glide Rear Lift Kit and Shocks

There are far fewer Harley Davidson Tri-Glides on the road as there are Softail, Dyna, & two wheel FLH/FLT models. It is not frequent that we have trikes roll In The Shop for something other than basic maintenance or repair. That’s why, we were excited to have the opportunity to install Legend’s Tri-Glide rear lift kit along with Legend’s Revo-A shocks on this 2013 HD Trike.

The lift kit is comprised of only 2 lower shock mount brackets. There is one left and one right side bracket that simply replace the stock lower brackets but we will get almost 2 inches of lift. The new shocks are an excellent alternative to the factory shocks. They are not part of the lift kit. The stock, factory shocks also work with the lift kit.

The installation procedure is relatively straightforward, but we highly recommend having a factory service manual on hand. Especially for safely lowering the axle and not losing any related orientation in the area. It is ideal to have two flat jacks available. One jack will be used for lifting the rear end of the motorcycle and the other jack to raise or lower the rear axle.

Start by securing and jacking the Trike so that the rear wheels are raised and remove the rear wheels. Now, support the rear axle and remove the factory shocks and lower mounting brackets. Don’t forget to release the factory air line from the top of the shock. Now, you will be able to slowly lower the rear axle into position. Or you can lift the rear end of the Trike to accomplish the same.

We found it easiest to mount the shocks at the top first. Then, install the Legend lower shock mounts, and finally secure the bottom of the shocks to the lower brackets. Legend instructions suggest the use of blue Loctite on all bracket and shock hardware. It is if upmost importance that all hardware is evenly tightened and torqued to factory specs. The job is complete after reinstalling the rear wheels and torquing the lug nuts. Check out our before & after pictures.

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7 Responses to “In The Shop:Tri-Glide Rear Lift Kit and Shocks”
  1. trashcancycle3

    THANKS nice to know.some of my older buds,have turned to trikes.ans and I’m older than dirt…geno

  2. Phillip Langvardt
    Phillip Langvardt

    You guys made this sound a lot easier than it was. I just installed a set of these exact shocks a couple weeks ago. The removal of the old shocks was no problem and the top mount isn’t too bad as long as you have a stubby allen set. And I’d like to know your method for getting a torque wrench on it. The bottom right side wasn’t too bad either but the left side I ended up having to cut off about 3/4″ piece of a 3/8″ allen wrench and then using a dog bone in order to torque it. Then trying to adjust the sag was another issue you didn’t address and this is something Legend really stresses. Don’t get me wrong these shocks are fabulous. The difference from the stock shocks to these can’t be described in words. Just think you could have written a little more detailed description.

  3. Bill Dietrick
    Bill Dietrick

    I just bought D K 14 inch shock and comfort lift combo package for my 2015 triglide. Do you have any comparisons of D K vs legends overall ride after replacing oem shocks. Also is it better to do the change with trike on the ground or on a lift table?

      • Bill Dietrick
        Bill Dietrick

        As I got ready to start I figured out had to leave trike on the floor. I did not remove the body so would have been nice if I had a pit in my garage floor but it worked just laying on the floor. Was disappointed that my 2015 triglide exhaust hit swinger so I could not use the full lift holes on comfort lift kit bracket. I was told no problem with 2015 using the full lift holes. Only got about 5 miles on it since I switched shocks so time will tell for sure but those 1st 5 miles was SMOOTH