Intake Seals

Question2002 Electra Glide EFI, Recently my bike has been running a bit rough on idle and low speed. Also I get a fuel smell when I finish a ride and park my bike in the garage. I found the purge tube cap cracked and not covering the port correctly. I’m pretty sure this will cause a vacuum leak. My question is could this also be the source of fuel smell and will the ECM need time to recalibrate? Note: this is not a California model

Thanks Bob M

AnswerNo. Your ECM is unaltered. We suggest giving your m/c a good washing. If you still smell fuel, you will have to continue looking. Check your intake seals, or the obvious, like; fuel lines/ fuel pump gasket.

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  1. Dennis

    My06 wideglide at times when I slow down stalls out this has been happening for a few mths now but when it wants its at 1000rpm perfect one day bad next.ive changed fuel still same