Introducing Tommy Creal of High Compression Garage & Chopper College

Fix My Hog is excited to welcome Tommy Creal, CEO of High Compression Garage & Chopper College to our team of contributors!

Tommy has been fabricating, repairing and building industry leading motorcycles since the ripe age of 16, and was formally trained at the American Motorcycle Institute and in metal fabrication and welding at various schools. Tommy leaped into the industry after developing Chopper College, a 3-day boot camp school geared towards hobbyists, professionals and mechanics. During his venture with Chopper College, he joined Allstate Insurance as their spokesman for motorcycle insurance and took to the road with his custom motorcycles. He taught classes at over 40 tour stops in just two years.

After Chopper College, Tommy focused on developing advanced motorcycles with modern day technology. He developed the first e85 motorcycle and constructed a sustainable bio-fiber (eco-cycle) with joining partners from the province of Manitoba. After sharing his talents coast to coast for ten years, Tommy opened another shop to build custom handcrafted motorcycles. Tommy’s clients include our former Vice President Joe Biden, the Minnesota Wild, and Fortune 50 Companies. Tommy is committed to bringing new products to the market for all riders and continues to build his nationally recognized high-end motorcycles.

His slogan is simple: “If what you do comes from your soul, you feel a passion, and it’s part of who you are, then it’s not work – it’s a calling. This is my calling.”

Hand crafted, hand assembled: read more about Tommy at High Compression Garage.

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