Issue With Starting My Harley

Q: I have a 2004 Harley Electra Glide Classic and I have an issue with starting my Harley. I am not proud to say this, but the bike has been outside for approx 4 months and even now when I had in my garage for 3 – 4 months it still will not start and when removing the plug wire and grounding it, I see no spark. I have checked all the fuses, connectors, those that I can find and found all good. I also cleaned the ground wires where they connect and still no difference. Help Please.

A: First, be sure to start with a known good, fully charged battery. If you are confident that you have no spark, check for stored DTC’S (diagnostic trouble codes ) in your speedo head. If there is an error code, it may steer you in the right direction. If you can find what the ohms reading should be for the primary and secondary of your coil (without spending aprox $60 on the electrical manual for your bike); test your coil. You can often find this information on line, but sometimes have to read through a lot of forums before finding the correct info for your make and model. Another common reason for no spark, on your 2004, is bad crank position sensor.

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25 Responses to “Issue With Starting My Harley”
  1. bill

    i have no spark any ideas to what might be wrong its a 2007 ultra classic

  2. Ted W.

    I had the same problem with my 2001 Electra-glide-Classic. Always garage kept, but not a weekly driver. Not driven or started for a month or more, it was a bad Crank Position Sensor, replaced that, runs great.

    • Michael

      I have an 04 ultra classic, and have no power to the ignition coil. Did you have the same issue as well?

  3. Robert

    ? I have a 2010 FLHTK that I will push the starter button and hold It and crank & crank on it and it will not start, So I let it sit for 2 -3 min. then it will start right up with just a touch of the starter button. This only happens every now & then. What could this be. Help please

  4. Michael

    2004 ultra classic no power to ignition coil. Bike will not start what can I do to fix issue?

    • Customer Service Techs

      When your m/c won’t start; you first have to distinguish, with certainty, if the issue is fuel related or electrical.
      We suggest checking for spark with a simple spark tester. It is a cheap tool to pick up. Check ebay for that.
      It will be more difficult to diagnose with no codes present.
      If you want to avoid having the dealer scan your bike you may want to pick up the electrical manual for your year & model. It will pay for itself many times over. You will also need a test light and a multimeter. Your biggest obstacle is purchasing parts that you do not need.
      The electric manual will give you ways to test components like your coil, crank position sensor, etc.
      Sometimes a Crank position sensor will go bad and not throw a code.

  5. Ron Stanley

    My heritage softail will start every time but when I start it the engine will turn over one time and hesitate for one second and start turning again and will start.

  6. Ken

    My ultra glide has a code do2 is not clear. I think that means speed sensor. It wont crank. any help out there?

  7. randalllbonnell

    I have 2012 FLS. I have no spark. I have replaced crank sensor, coil, plugs & wires, still no spark. Every once in a great while I will get a spark at end of cranking when I let off of the start button. What else could it be ?