It Was In The Barn, Now What

Question for Fix My Hog I bought a 2013 FLS with 230 miles, a month ago. It had been sitting in a barn for two plus years, and then was traded to a friend of mine for another bike. When I bought the bike the light were all working, I notice a couple of days later that the rear taillight, (directional / break light) on the left side was not working. Upon further inspection I notice both tail light lens were melted on the inside, and both reflective cones had brown and black burns on them. I changed the light bulb, and the tail light worked. The next day the tail light was not working again. I tried another bulb, but no luck. I ordered a new reflective cone and wire from Harley. Replaced from the bulb back to the plug in under the seat. Still the light does not work. (All other directions front and back work) What should I do next?

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Fix My Hog Answers First thing that comes to mind when you say “stored in a barn”…Remove your outer fairing. Inspect for possible mouse nesting & wire damage. With the outer fairing removed, you can also use a test light to verify weather or not you have proper voltage on the left side, coming to and from the left side switch.

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