J.D. Lowin’s Harley Story

I ride an 2006 fxdwg wide glide. This last Saturday, the weather was beautiful, so I packed lightly, and road off to see my new grandson, from Sulphur, La. to Carthage, Tx. Just on the edge of the halfway mark, a deer hit me. It wrapped my crash bar around my lower, right leg and foot, sheared a bolt off my rear brake assembly, cut up my seat cover, and broke the lock on my saddlebag. I gained control of the bike, clicked down a gear, since the engine was still running, didn’t look back and hauled ass. That deer even crapped on my back fender.

The moral of this story is 2-fold: That 90,000 mile Harley is tough, and don’t even think about riding without a crash bar.

It might save your leg and your life!!

J.D. Lowin

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