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Q: Gidday, buddy Will Raihe here from Gladstone Australia. I’ve just joined the fix my hog group and love the videos you have on this site. I’m in the process of turning my 1997 FLSFT Fatboy into a chopper. Ive never done this before but watching the videos has given me the insight and confidence to start and hopefully complete the project. The bike is completely stripped. My plans are to completely change this bike into a true blue one of a kind piece of machinery that will be kept in my family for ever, I’m looking forward to the challenge and like to thank Bob/Mark and the team from fix my hog for the wealth of information and confidence I have gained from watching your videos thank you! A question i would like to ask. I was just wondering if there was any chance of purchasing the tools you use on the videos(Jims specialty tools for upgrades etc) do you have any packages available and can they be shipped to Australia? Or at least can you send through an email with a list of tools I maybe able to purchase here in Australia? What do you recommend? Any information would be much appreciated thank you for your time look forward to hearing from you have a good one.

A: JIMS Tools has been a sponsor of ours. We consider their specialty tools to be of the highest quality. Unfortunately, the only thing we can suggest would be to order directly from JIMS Tools USA, or from a distributor that sells JIMS. We also use specialty tools that we purchase directly from the dealership. They are also very good quality and approximately the same cost as JIMS Tools.

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2 Responses to “JIMS Tools”
  1. Bum

    With tools like specialty tools be aware they are usually great for shops who use them a lot. Take the time to make your own. It’ll be a lot less expensive and they’ll last just as long. You’re a mechanic, you can do it.


  2. phillip

    I’ve done the same.make what you can unless you have deep pockets. They make a special tool for just about every action needed to separate an item on your bike. There is only a few you definitely need.