Leaking Fuel From Carb

Question for Fix My Hog 1998 Roadking FLHR. Was leaking fuel in carburetor. Put new kit, it stopped the leak now it’s backfiring through carb?

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Fix My Hog Answers Put kit on it? What, exactly, would that cover/include? Here are some CV carb rebuild videos in the related videos below. See if they help at all. Also, If the m/c is coughing through the carb, it can be a carb or intake issue. Backfiring is more indicative of an electrical issue. Test your charging system and check your coil connections/spark plugs & wires. Check for dead shorts in your ignition circuit.

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6 Responses to “Leaking Fuel From Carb”
  1. Steve Stockton
    Steve Stockton

    2006 Ultra w/ 35 K Has developed some electrical issues. The tac, speedo, horn, break lights and turn signals all stopped working at once, while on my last ride. My bike starts easily and runs great!!! All fuses are good. Any suggestions that can help? Tks Steve

  2. David Calderon
    David Calderon

    Carb on my 93 fatboy leaking from overflow what could be the cause? Have a mikuni carb