Loud Bang When I Shift My Harley

Question I have a 2002 Deuce, clump, or loud bang when I shift my Harley?

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Answer If you have this sound when you are riding, check your rear pulley. Make sure it is not coming loose. Also, inspect your wheel bearings.

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5 Responses to “Loud Bang When I Shift My Harley”
  1. Ken

    also check your primary chain adjuster, it may have adjusted itself too far forward and is putting tension on your tranny main-shaft. get rid of it and put one on from Hayden Enterprises (JP Cycles carries them)

  2. Steve

    In regard to the person who has a loud bang when shifting the 2002 deuce. I have heard many people say that when they ride their HD for the first few times until them get used to the loud clunk of the transmission dropping into the next gear. I realize most people never give enough details and there is no way to carry on a conversation with each question, but sometimes the description of the problem leads people to believe the problem is worse than it may be. Sometimes the best things is for them to have a friend ride the bike and compare it to theirs in regard to shifting and sounds it makes.

    • James walker
      James walker

      In regards to the bang when shifting, I agree that most Harley’s are extremely loud when shifting and most likely normal, especially if your letting the RPM’s drop way down before shifting. I’d say it would be worth it to stop by a nearby shop and let a tech take it for a spin. And I also recommend a good set of ear plugs or a quality in helmet stereo speakers by Koss, you’ll enjoy the ride much more.

  3. Richard

    question: I have a 2011 Road King Classic. after market exhaust and air intake. It was truned with the HD Screamin Eagle Pro turner. Can I install the Cobra FI2000 Power Pro on my bike. Or does the bike have to have the Screamin Eagle map removed?????