Metallic Shavings on the Plug Magnet

Question Hi guys,thanks for this website it’s fantastic. I think I’ll take you up on the offer of asking a question, so here goes. I recently purchased an 2007 Softail Deluxe. It only had 9,200 mi on it when I bought it and now that I’ve put 800 miles on it I decided to change my oils. I changed the engine oil and checked the plug magnet and it was clean and I completed that change. I next changed the tranny oil and found the oil to be fairly clean but with a little bit of cloudiness in the oil from what seems like very very fine metallic shavings, not a lot but just a mist of it in the oil and some on the magnet in the plug. Next I changed the primary oil and found that to be the dirtiest of all the oils and some metallic shavings on the plug magnet, not very much but just clustered around the magnet. Also, strangely, the primary plug magnet seems to be chipped or corroding away about a 1/4 of the way. I have heard that some ware is to be expected but how much is OK and what is bad enough to do something about? Thanks.

– Via Email From Tom R.

Answer Nothing you describe is cause for concern. If you have chunks of steel, or aluminum; you have a problem. But you would typically be aware of the problem before draining the fluid.

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11 Responses to “Metallic Shavings on the Plug Magnet”
  1. Carl Fusco
    Carl Fusco

    Could be the cam chain tensioner. I have a 2005 Road King, that only had 21000 miles on it this year, and I decided to rebuild the engine and upgrade it, as it was throwing oil out the exhaust (valve guides gone). I decided to upgrade to the newer hydraulic cam chain tensioner, as the dealership had a recall on the older ones, and sure enough, it was starting to go. One of the symptoms is metal shavings in the oil.

  2. Tom Reddecliff
    Tom Reddecliff

    About the tranny oil had some cloudiness… It isnt normal…. Cloudiness is due to moisture in oil… Check and make sure your trandip stick is snug…. I would like like a shop to say cloudy oil is ok.. Wtf…. Later

  3. Jay K.
    Jay K.

    I’ve got a 2008 road glide with the 96 ci engine…I’ve got a problem with oil coming out of the air cleaner, Harley dealer believed it was because of too much oil when they did the oil change. They drained some out but I still have the problem. It’s been a none stop drip from the air cleaner…anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

  4. Steve aust
    Steve aust

    Just bought a 2009 fat bob with 35k miles. What is a good mileage to change the spark plugs. I don’t know the previous history of engine maintenance.