Modern Mechanic

Remember when you were a kid and you had to replace the clutch on that old bush basher you’d had for years?

Assemble all the parts and tools that you would hopefully need and then open up the well used workshop manual borrowed from your mates big brother. And the Bloody page is covered in grease or dirt or simply not there anymore.

Well, no more. Now, prior to the event, one simply grabs a cold beer and sits back to view the whole process on these nifty and very informative DVDs. The Fix My Hog collection is the latest in Harley-Davidson instruction manuals and it’s about time. These are a very comprehensive guide to basic H-D maintenance with the added bonus of clear vision to walk you through the job. The 12 chapter listing includes draining all fluids, clutch and primary adjustment, all cable adjustments, and brake pad replacement and care. The electrical system has its own dedicated chapter along with rear axle and belt adjustment.

These are a useful tool for any H-D owner but in particular those who have not spent a lot of time delving into the mechanical side of their bike. They do not cover how to rebuild your Evo four speed gearbox but offer sound basic advice. The whole H-D range is covered from Evolution to the Twin Cam. Well worth the price I’d reckon.

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