Oil for a 1984 FXR

Question How much Harley oil goes in the primary on a 1984 fxr?

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Answer In 1984, there was both wet & dry clutch. If you have a plate above your spring plate labeled A, B, C; you have a wet clutch. Fill with primary until the Harley oil rises, just, to the bottom edge of your spring plate. If your clutch has 3, or 5, studs with springs; you have a dry clutch.

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  1. Nick Ferrell
    Nick Ferrell

    I have a 1985FXSB. I was having some issues with my clutch so I recently purchased the scorpion clutch from Barnett to install. Well the problem is that even using a hydraulic press, I can’t get the OEM clutch hub or bearing to separate from theOEM clutch basket. I’ve removed both inner and outer snap rings, but it won’t budge. I’m at the point were I would just buy a new clutch basket and starter ring gear to drop the scorpion clutch inside of, but I can’t find any basket assemblies that fit my bike that aren’t for a chain drive. Do I have any options or do I just have to buy what will fit and do a belt to chai. Conversion on all the pats inside of the primary? Thanks in advance,