Neutral Switch Now TSM Issue?

Question for Fix My Hog 2004 and 2018 Harley Road King
I’m working on a 2004 fatboy I had to take off the tank to replace the wire to the neutral switch. Now the bike won’t start, the security key stays lite all the time and does not flash. I checked the codes and it shows no response for the tssm. the Part number shows the speedo. I went ahead and bought a tsm and hope it works. I tried doing all the off and on stuff but nothing works. Please help it driving me crazy trying to figure out. I’m still waiting for the tsm to come in. If it doesn’t work should I go ahead and order a new speedo?
Bike does start for about a second then dies. ”
Thank you

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Fix My Hog Answers Now you got us curious, what happened to one of the neutral switch wires that actually had you making a repair so far away from the switch or indicator?
Only questioning this because we are wondering if the original issue or repair has anything to do with the current issue.
Would suggest, at least, testing for power and ground at the TSSM plug.

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13 Responses to “Neutral Switch Now TSM Issue?”
  1. John Cronley
    John Cronley

    Ticket 22309 This might sound stupid, but did you drain the tank when you removed it? Did you put gas back in? Is there a petcock that is off? Just thinking out loud.

  2. Eric

    Ticket 22311 I have a 2007 Street Glide and I have a problem with the neutral light illuminating on and off when in gear when it get hot. Upon starting in morning it is fine but as soon as it gets hot ideally when I am running down the highway in the Summer the light starts flickering on and off. Any idea what is going on?

  3. Dan Rogers
    Dan Rogers

    I figured out the problem, when I cut the ground wire to put in the new ground wire I didn’t ground out the old wire that I cut. I didn’t know that the ground wire that I cut also was a ground wire for something else. The reason I cut it at the end is because it was bad or broken somewhere in the line . Thank you for your help to give me the idea to try that.

  4. Dan Rogers
    Dan Rogers

    You asked about testing the tssm plug, I did test it and the ground was hot and the hot was ground. That should have told me there was a ground wire out some where. N

  5. Len

    My ignition switch on my ultralimited will turn on to start the bike…..but the axillary won’t work to operate the radio or infotainment board or light up screen

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      Customer Service

      Hello Clifford!

      We’d love to help!

      Please go into a little more detail about the issue you’re having and we’ll also need the year and model of your bike!

      Thank you!

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  6. Peter

    Hi and thanks in advance.
    I’m trying to replace my neutral switch on a 2008 Sportster
    I’ve removed everything as far as I can get a 1 inch and 7/8 socket on the nut.
    I can rattle it loose BUT
    I’m getting the feeling that the nut and the shaft are coming out together .
    I’m not braking the seal of locktight – is that at all possible ?
    Thanks again

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