New Exhaust Boost Performance Warranty Issue?

Question I just traded my 01 Sporty for a 07 FXD. The bike’s great, except it is way too quiet. What can I do in terms of performance and a much louder sound, without loosing my factory warranty? Will new exhaust boost performance and sound without loosing warranty?

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Answer Our Friends at SuperTrapp had this to say:
Ultimately, the installation of an aftermarket exhaust will void your warranty as it’s written. Some dealers do install aftermarket exhausts and include them with initial sale of the vehicle, which puts them under the vehicle warranty. Most dealers install pipes after the vehicle sale and continue to honor the vehicle warranty. It’s really a gray area and just depends on the dealer you use. I would suggest being upfront with your dealer and potentially have the work done at their facility. A tremendous amount of options exist in aftermarket exhaust, it’s really a matter of personal preference. You can’t beat a good 2:1 system for best overall performance and sound.
Loud is a matter of individual perception. Everybody has there own tolerance for noise. One thing to keep in mind is that sound has become a big issue in the United States. A lot of states have exhaust noise laws and some of them are very strict. Currently 27 states have NO exhaust noise laws, the rest of the 50 states do. The laws range all the way from stock sound levels (80dBA) in North Dakota to 106 dBA in New Hampshire and many of the states have their own test criteria. This is a very controversial subject and is becoming more of an issue every day. This is something to keep in mind if you travel outside your state.

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  1. Steve Cook
    Steve Cook

    purchased my 2012 Softail Deluxe and have replaced 2 Harley batteries in 4 years and they should have lasted longer then they did. They have each been kept on a Battery Tender when not riding to keep the batteries healthy. Each battery has had a new Battery Tender used for each battery. I think I need to go to a different battery that will last longer then just 2 years each. I have had all my batteries on other motorcycles last 4 or more years with no problems. What is wrong with the Harley Batteries? What is the best battery that will do it’s job and last? Thank you and hope for something better.