NinM’s Harley Story

I don’t have a touching story like death or someone left me one but I have a story of hard work and struggle. In 2008 I wanted to get a street glide or a road king. I was supposed to get into a certain career if certain tests passed. I felt I was prepared. Did everything to prepare, studied, etc. But the day of, I was disappointed by opposing news. Many attempts at other stuff happened to prevent me from getting one, cash or being able to finance. Until 2016 I finally got the one I wanted by hard work and dedication. I got the same year and color I wanted. Trials and errors happen you just have to have a goal. I worked for it and now I got my baby. Not a depressing story but it wasn’t just a phase its a fuck it balls to the wall life and I’m riding my baby like its a million bucks.


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