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1997 Fat Boy — the LED failed on the odometer. Can’t read the mileage on the bike. Is there any one who can repair this unit? or somehow certify the mileage? I’m getting ready to sell the bike and need the mileage. what is a good source to go to in order to find fair market price for the Fat Boy – 1997? Thanks

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You are best off looking at Kelly Blue Book or NADA to determine the motorcycle’s current value. Unfortunately, if the odometer reading is no longer displayed, the speedometer is no longer good or repairable. You may be able to order one from Harley Davidson with the last documentation of mileage. You might be able to use the mileage documented on a registration or service invoice.

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    2013 street glide. Neutral light very intermittent. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t. Any suggestions where to start trouble shooting?

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  2. Tori Mcdivitt
    Tori Mcdivitt

    Not true. I have the same issue but I have a Vance and hinze fp3 fuel pack on my bike and I can get the mileage reading from that. I’m sure Harley has a way of being able to read the mileage from the ecm. It’s just the led screen that can’t be read. The speedometer still records the mileage.