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Question for Fix My Hog I have an 2005 U.C. that needs semi-critical repair. I’m just an old retired grunt so I think I may need help in the endeavor. Or…perhaps a FOR SALE sign or a grenade. Help me get to the right place. Thank You. 2005 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide . (FLHCUI-i believe)
45000 miles. I bought it new.
NO OIL PRESSURE! It was not ridden even one mile in current condition. Went out to start it one morning and oil pressure gauge was did not move. Checked oil level and it was fine. I am aware of the 99-06 cam tentioner issue(s) and believe this to be the problem.
I believe it is time to do the related work. I am 57 years old and do not know how much longer I will keep the bike. I want to repair without upgrade. My DOD retirement is not as huge as one might think so $ are sort of an issue.

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Fix My Hog Answers

Thank you for your service. No need to put up For Sale sign or pull the pin on it.
You will need to remove your cam cover to inspect your oil pump, cam chain tensioners, bearings, & tappets.

Here are some video links to get you started.
Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe

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15 Responses to “No Oil Pressure”
  1. mark lewis
    mark lewis

    Ticket 22448 How probable is problem faulty oil pressure sender? Is oil pressure on ’05 FLHTCU sent by wire or tubing to gauge?

  2. James smoth
    James smoth

    Does the oil light also stay on. I have a 2011 flhx and know that my sending unit to the guage if flaky and sometimes showed 0 oil psi, but the oil “idiot ” light does not come on when my gauge starts acting up.

  3. Softtail Bob
    Softtail Bob

    57? You are just a kid! I am 75 and still riding (01 FLSTCI). Fix the bike and enjoy it.

  4. Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Check the oil pressure sending unit before doing any other disassembly! They do go bad. The 2005 oil pump is not prone to just dropping to zero pressure. I had the exact same issue on an ’05. Pulled it apart to find no issues with the pump.

  5. Bret Smith
    Bret Smith

    Hey guys, I have a 2005 and had the same issue with oil pressure. What we found was the check valve in the OEM cam plate and some debris in it and was holding it open. The debris turned out to be brass from the crank shaft sleeve, so……..had to build a new motor. Hope you have better luck

  6. Stephanie

    This is a well-documented issue with the Twim Cams. It’s definitely cheaper to fix the problem BEFORE it gets to this point, though.

  7. Gar Wilson
    Gar Wilson

    Was the bike noisy on start up? Maybe check with a mechanical oil pressure gauge before tearing into the cam chest? Just a thought. Good luck.

  8. EDGAR

    Did the bike make a lot of noise when you started it? If not, you might want to double check with a mechanical oil pressure gauge before tearing into the engine. If you don’t own one many auto parts stores rent them.

    Could be a faulty gauge or other electrical issue.

    Good luck.

  9. Tom Anguish
    Tom Anguish

    Yes.Both correct.The tensioners have more than likely “chunked” and stuck the oil pressure valve.Happened to my `05 FXDCI. SE Hydraulic Upgrade kit worked very well for me.


    I have a 89 FLHTCU and when first start cold oil psi is between 30-40 when run it down the highway or get tied up in traffic the oil pressure will drop down to 0-2 psi at idle when stopped, then I have to throttle up a slight bit to gain psi. Don’t have any idea what is causing this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated to help correct this problem. I have a brand new grated motor with less then 2000 miles and don’t want to destroy it.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Stephen,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      This is not an issue. It is completely normal. If, however, the pressure is dropping low enough that the oil pressure indicator light begins to illuminate, you should replace the oil pump with an S&S billet oil pump.


      Fix My Hog

  11. Brian Coventry
    Brian Coventry

    I have a 2008 Ultra Classic, bought second hand with 5000 kms on the clock, the Phillips screw (coming up through the guard)holding the seat to the guard has slipped through and fallen outt. Is there a washer or another component missing? Any suggestions to permanently fix this. thank you