No Signals, Horn or Brake Light

Question I have a problem with my 1995 Sportster XL 1200. The lights go on but the signals, and horn do not work and when I step on the brake the brake light doesn’t light up. Also when key is turned on the lights are on but a clicking sound clicks every 4 seconds. We replaced the turn signal control module.

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Answer The clicking sound is coming from a breaker. You have a dead short to ground. You need to look for the breaker that is tripping. Then, find the corresponding wire that is grounding out.

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21 Responses to “No Signals, Horn or Brake Light”
  1. Steve Sheppard
    Steve Sheppard

    I have an 06 XLR 1200. When ever I hit the starter switch, I can hear the solenoid kicking in, and there is always a pause, as if battery went dead, then it would start. My previous Sporty was the same, and I have heard others that also do it. Is this normal for Sporties, or is there something going wrong?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Check your battery cables. When installing your battery, make sure that you are disconnecting the ground cable at the top of the transmission case.
      Sounds like you might have a loose ground.

  2. Brian

    I have 2011 sporster 1200c ,my rear tail light comes on when I brake, but does not stay on,any suggestions?

  3. anthony

    i have lost all my lights, signal, brake,running,and head light. i’m at a loss trying to find the problem. help,

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi, Anthony. We would be happy to assist you; we just need some more information. What is the make/model/year of your motorcycle?

  4. Sal

    i own an 08 cvo softail springer and it blows the 15 amp fuse for the brake light horn and and turn signals. wonder if you can lead me into a diagnostic direction. Thanks Sal

  5. Anthony

    My horn works intermittently sometimes it works other times it just has a very low volume almost a buzzing sound

  6. Everett Kilgo
    Everett Kilgo

    I have a 2009 HD Sportster XL1200C Custom. I have no brake lights when applying front brake nor rear brake. Checked the switches with a testor and have continuity. Fuses have been checked and are fine.front and rear signals fully operational. Headlight is operating. Just no “parking lights” nor brake lights. Bulb appears to be ok but I have not attempted to insert a replacement. What’s left? Help