Non-Warranty Upgrades

Question for Fix My Hog I am thinking about becoming a member but my bike is under warranty so I can’t really go into motor. What I would like to know is do you have video on how to install driving lights /handle bars and other things on a 2014 street glide?

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Fix My Hog Answers We have loads of videos to check out. Even videos that do not pertain to your year/model are informative and will give insight to your own ride. Here’s a few related videos.

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10 Responses to “Non-Warranty Upgrades”
  1. Payton Johnson
    Payton Johnson

    08 Street glide fouled out real bad. Got home and it died. Thought it was plugs. Checked wires and changed plugs. Cranks but won’t start. Has no codes. Checked and changed the coil Still won’t start. Started diagnosising and found no battery voltage at the coil. It does have 14.5mv and good continuity on coil,inj. and fuel pump. The only other thing is a possible bad ECM. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Could be a bad crank position sensor.
      You will need an electrical manual, a break out box, and possibly the Digital Tech to correctly diagnose without continuing throwing parts at something like this. Especially if you are not seeing any codes.
      Might want to consider paying the dealership or a shop with the Centurion Super Pro software to diagnose. Then you may be able to complete the repair.


    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Jack, Short answer, Yes. You will have a major project on your hands and the cost may be prohibitive. Strip bike to frame, rewire, locate system, re-everything brake related. Try a Goggle search to see if any available aftermarket systems. We are not familiar with any.

  2. CRUZ

    Ticket 17242 I have an 06 Springer that I just installed some mini-Ape handlebars. The problem I’m having is the mounting bolts on the risers don’t clamp the handlebars tight enough. The handle bars slip down periodically. Should I get longer Allen head bolts or a different set of risers?

  3. kevin walker
    kevin walker

    I just replaced my handle bars on a 2014 street glide,it took me 6 hours to complete.There are several videos on YouTube to show you how to do it.Take pictures with your phone and take your time! I put 12 inch bars on my bike and could not be happier. Look for video by “Ride It Wrench It” on YouTube. The 2014 model has a different plug for the drive by wire that has to be taken apart to route through the bars.His video is fantastic!