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Question for Fix My Hog V & H told me to unplug the O2 sensors. Assuming this is good advice, do I simply go to the right side of the bike; remove the panel, find the grey and black connectors and unplug them? No removal? No pulling anything out of anywhere? Unplug and leave unplugged? I de-catted the heads and put in a high performance air filter, but left the stock pipes. The decatted head is the reason for the O2 sensor removal.

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Fix My Hog Answers If you unplug or remove O2 sensors, you will need O2 eliminators. Otherwise, your Harley is likely to show codes. We would suggest contacting Vance & Hines for more info. Ask if you need O2 eliminators and, if so, what is recommended / where to purchase.

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  1. Michael Scheidler
    Michael Scheidler

    after replacing exhaust gaskets to try and eliminate some of the backfiring on decal, now check engine light comes on? how do I replace 02 sensors? I may have twisted the wires? or may not have seated one of the sensors all the way

  2. Michael Scheidler
    Michael Scheidler

    I asked this in the wrong spot so let’s try this one. I replaced both exhaust gaskets on my 2013 soft tail to try and stop some of the backfiring on decal, after replacing 02 sensors may have twisted wires on front pipe as bike shows check engine light stays on, how do I replace or get the eliminators? Bike has pipes, and intake all else is stock, thanks in advance